MURPHY BED - Original Wallbed

                      Murphy Bed - Upright


The Murphy Bed mechanism is the most proven of all wallbed designs, having been in use for over 100 years.

This design will provide years of trouble-free use and operate for thousands of cycles. Our mechanism is constructed of high quality steel and is then Powder-Coated with a scratch proof, black ridge finish.

The counter-balance extension springs are made of high tensile strength piano wire. The number of springs you use may be increaed or decreased depending on the weight of the mattress and other bedding. We provide you with sufficient springs to balance heavier mattresses. A nylon webbing strap holds the mattress in position at all times.

Our Murphy Bed assembly may be attached to the floor, however we have developed our new Wall Mount Bracket to enable the installer to mount directly to the baseboard and not have to cut into carpet, wood floor, or concrete!

The legs located at the foot of the bed extend and lock automatically when the bed is in use and the they automatically store when the bed is raised. The legs also feature rubber feet to protect the flooring.

Murphy Bed Frame loaded with springs and Mattress