Our Products

Do you wish to separate our business from your competition?
Have you had requests for Murphy or Wallbeds?
Have you referred potential customers to other sources to make a Wallbed purchase?

Can your business be described as any of these:

  • Furniture Manufacturer
  • Contract Furniture Company
  • Cabinet Manufacturer
  • Closet Company
  • Wallbed Company
  • Hardware Distributor
  • Contract Supply Company
  • New Company
  • Other

If YES - Join our Team!

Benefits for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER:

  • Product Selection - The largest range of Wallbed Hardware designs available in North America and other countries.
  • Profit - Wallbeds will increase your company profits and significantly lower your overhead.
  • Reliability - Our Wallbed Hardware is the most reliable and heavy-duty in the industry.
  • Service - 24/7 Hotline to assist your staff plus same day or next day shipping. Minimum delivery costs with our system of costing all shipping expenses.
  • Value - Our Dealer/Distributer customers average 40% savings on the delivered cost of our Wallbed systems. Our customers average 7 day faster delivery of their orders and significant freight savings with our product-mix freight policy. Ask us about it!
  • Market Support - Our Wallbed Hardware range is the widest in the industry. The systems are each unique, not just the same item renamed and put in a different carton.

A real TEAM effort:

  • We do not sell to you and then compete with your for your customers.
  • We separate our Hardware wholesale business from your retail business.
  • Our installation professionals will work with your staff and travel to your place of business if so needed.
  • Our products are more widely distributed.
  • Our products average cost is 40% savings to you as a dealer.